When an emergency arises and you are left without enough dental personnel, now you have someone to turn to for help. Healthcare Staffing Solutions is a placement service for dental practices located in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. We are committed to finding qualified hygienists, dental assistants and business associates to fulfill your temporary and permanent placement needs. To get started, complete the online registration form.

When should you use Healthcare Staffing Solutions?
  • During office expansion until your volume requires adding permanent personnel
  • When your current, full-time employees need well-deserved time off
  • When your staff uses vacation & personal time for family or health emergencies
Why should you use Healthcare Staffing Solutions?
  • We have a large database of highly qualified dental professionals available for immediate placement when the need arises. All of our dental staff members are rigorously screened before placement with any participating dental practice.
  • Healthcare Staffing Solutions' rates are competitive, making us a cost effective solution for your business.
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